City Receives Grant from Turtle Conservancy

Lights at the Dolphin Ave and Main Beach Parking lots will be improved to prevent sea turtle disorientation. City receives up to $12K from grant programs.

sea turtlesFlorida’s Sea Turtle Season has started again and this year the City of Fernandina Beach is proud to announce that it has been awarded a $10,000 Grant from the Sea Turtle Grant Program to be used for upgrading and modifying lighting at several beach parking locations, according to the City’s Administrative Service Manager Nicole Bednar in yesterday’s press release.

The unusually cold and long winter this year seems to have delayed female turtles to start onto our beaches. We haven’t seen any activity yet, but the heating trend of the last couple of days, may very well change this overnight. So beware of lights that may disorient the nesting turtles and replace bulbs with those approved.

Here is the city’s release.

Press Release_Sea Turtle Conservancy Grant 050514


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