CNN Warns Customers to Change eBay PasswordsJose Pagliery wrote in CNNMoney Wednesday that hackers broke into eBay and stole user information, and they are now warning users to change their passwords. PayPal, an eBay subsidiary, is kept on a separate network.

When a hacker gets ahold of employee credentials, they have access to the customer database. Be on guard for upcoming fraudulent offers and fake details and don’t reveal your bank details or social security number to anyone.

This is a good time to revisit the importance of setting secure passwords that are easy for you to remember, yet difficult for hackers to decipher.

The following video Choosing a Password: 4 Easy Tips from Megabite offers great information in this 3 1/2 minute video:

For more information or for help with your computer, call Deryck at Megabite, (904) 430-0350.

For more information on this hack, visit eBay’s anouncement page at:

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