Consignment Stores are Thriving

By: Nick Deonas

The difficult economy has caused many Americans to take a second look at what they are buying. We are now asking ourselves questions such as, ‚ÄúDo I really need this? If I do, can I get it at a better price?‚Äù Many previously upscale buyers are now visiting second hand, gently used and pre-owned establishments as an avenue to seek those bargain prices, and it’s working.

I visited a few consignment shops in my area and talked with the owners, all reported sales were up. Clothes, toys and electronics were all hot items. The clientele has changed also. All reported that they are seeing more and more customers arriving in BMW’s, Mercedes and the like. Yes, even the upper crust is now looking for bargains.

The once “second hand shops” are now becoming more popular and I believe will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people discover that that their world has changed, and they must change with it in order to survive. It is fast becoming a status symbol to recycle and save money.

Many people are searching E-Bay for bargains, and finding them. I have talked with E-Bay entrepreneurs who are enjoying great business in these down times. Garage sales are another source of finding those bargain items, and let’s not forget the age old “flea markets”. Yes, times are changing and we are going to continue to see changes in the way consumers are handling their money. Shop for those bargains, it is now the “in thing” to do.

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