Controlling Your Web Site’s Content

control-your-web-site-contentWho controls the content of your website? Recently we posted articles that were about functionality and visual appeal and most importantly the “look-to-book”. (Look to book refers to conversion rates between visitors to your site and physical bookings). Today we are going to kick in an open door especially for independent hoteliers!!! A big mistake is to leave the content to the Web designer.

Before we get into the details about who controls the content of you site (and content is absolutely KING), we still need to kick in the door. No-one knows better the occupancy rates than the hotel owner or manager does. Right? That was one open door.

Now try to follow the logic we are conveying in the recognition that the manager knows his bookings and occupancy. Well, that also means that to do something about slow weeks you must be able to act immediately. That could be by offering a combination special, or a quick getaway special, or an activity combo at a special rate. Another open door, right?

Many hotel websites we have looked at are build based on “brochure” concepts and are as static as a lamp post in downtown London, or impossible to change at a very short notice and even if you have a very attentive web designer, he or she could be too busy, out of town, at a wedding or attending a funeral.

Now you’re stuck. You know you have to tell the “world” you have this great special for next week or even coming weekend and nobody to attend to your site to make the changes. You just lost major money, goodwill, ranking (because content is KING) and all because you could not make the change or upload that special yourself.

Remember, a website is an instantaneous billboard advertising globally, nationally, regionally, and locally with the push of a button. You post an event and use the right keywords, the search engines will get the word out for you.

But you‚Äôre not a web designer, right? Well, you don‚Äôt have to be if your site is build around the functionality of you being able to control the content. If it is build around you then the content is like writing and publishing an article. No more… no less. You should not even have to bother your web designer to do this. No fancy stuff necessary. No flashy screaming announcements, but simple to the point information about your special is all it takes with a link to your booking engine. You got a new chef with credentials, put it on the site. A new front desk person, announce it on the site.

If your website content is not controllable by you, than all you have is a brochure.

Oh and by the way, are you collecting all the e-mails from your visitors and guests? Give them a free drink in exchange for a business card. It’s worth it. And do it upon check in. Who knows you may have a special while they’re staying with you and you can send them an email about it. It is how the world communicates nowadays.

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