Daylight Savings Time 2013Daylight Saving Time is coming this weekend, so remember to “Spring Forward” at 2:00 AM, on March 10, 2013.

Our time changes twice a year in Fernandina Beach and this is a good time to remind you to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and check the stock on your emergency supplies, too.

I’ve written it before, so many of you know my camping supplies double as my family’s hurricane kit. When time changes, whether springing forward or falling back, it reminds me to go through the boxes.

I simply remove the non-perishable foods and the batteries in my gear, and exchange it for fresh products from my pantry shelves. I also replace long term prescriptions and check the expiration date on over the counter items.

During camping season, which is pretty much year round for us, I make a note of any supplies we use that need to be replaced.

It is that simple!

Experts say you should refresh your emergency supplies at least every six months. Using the time change is an easy-to-remember date!

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