Deb Cottle to Speak in JacksonvilleAmelia Island Author and Speaker Deb Cottle will be speaking in Jacksonville, Florida on March 22, 2012, from 10:30 AM until noon at the Southeast Branch Public Library.

Sponsored by Professional WORKSource Network, they offer transition assistance to professional job seekers through networking, workships and business partnerships. Meetings are held monthly at the Southease Branch Public Library. Members are professionals with 4-year degrees and/or management level experience seeking full time employment.

Cottle will present “How to Stay Motivated for More Than a Day.”

It can be difficult to stay motivated while looking for work. Deb will help us focus on ways to stay postitive during the job search process.

You will learn techniques to:

    -Enhance your business and personal relationships.
    -Reprogram your thoughts to overcome negativity and unlock blocks.
    -Build confidence by gaining more knowledge and becoming an expert in your field or hobby.
    -Learn to set fulfilling goals and expectations.
    -Create more value in your life by giving to others and supporting causes you believe in.

Deb Cottle is a professional speaker and author. She established herself as one of the highest ranking former executives in teh Chicago television and advertising industry. She lives on Amelia Island with her husband and son and is the Founder and President of World on a String, Inc.

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