Don't Let Democracy become a Victim
Don't Let Democracy become a Victim

What do we think here in America? How confused are we? Are we tired of elected leadership? Don’t we care anymore about democracy? There are currently more soldiers on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan than voters who went out to decide on the next Mayor of America’s 4th largest city: Houston Texas. In a city of 2.2 million (5.7 metropolitan Houston) only 152,000 voters (16.5% voter turn out) thought it worthwhile to come out of their comfort zone to vote for the new Mayor.

We send hundreds of thousands of troops across the world to fight and die for democracy and defend our liberties and freedom, yet we can not take 15 minutes to express our democratic entitlement. Wow! In a system where majority rules, 53 year old Annise Parker, a democrat who entered politics as a gay activist, took the victory from African American Gene Locke on Saturday in a city that counts 25% of its population African American, 33% Hispanic and counts about 60,000 openly Gays and Lesbians.

Why is this story worth your attention? Not because it deals with gay people, black people or hispanic people. It is important to note that the mayor of one of the WorldCities or Global Cities was elected by 81,743 votes or only 3.5% of the entire city’s population… and that is a deadly tragedy for the American experiment called Democracy.

Even though Ms. Parker stated in her acceptance speech that “This election has changed the world for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.” I sincerely hope she was elected for her firm fiscal conservatism and long experience in urban financial matters.

As to those voters who felt caught between a rock and a hard plate: Get off your high horse. If your right to vote is taken away, because you think it doesn’t matter anymore, you’re condemn yourself to a life where your future is not yours any longer.

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