Destination: Tiger Island

Tiger Island

Destination: Tiger Island
By: Jamie Deonas

Located on the Amelia River just across from Egan’s Creek is an island with white sandy beaches, 20′ bluffs and views of Cumberland Sound that would make any artist envious. It’s name is Tiger Island. This medium sized inter-coastal island has remained unspoiled and in its natural pristine state despite all the development from its sister island, Amelia

Tiger Island offers lots in the way of wild life, excellent beach combing and a great place to spend the afternoon with the family. This island is accessible from two locations. The first is a beach approach. Only use the beach that is located directly across from Egan’s Creek between the rocks and the Northern most point of the beach. Do not attempt the
beach on the northern side of the island as there are sand bars and shoals that extend hundreds of yards from the beach. In addition to the beach treasures you will also find a narrow path that leads from the beach up the main bluff. There you will find a small
camp site and a masonry well. My Great, Great Grandfather, Robert Franks, lived on the island for many years and is the only know person to have ever called Tiger Island home.

The second landing is on the western side of the island. You can access this part from both Cumberland Sound and the Bells River. Caution should be exercised and local charts referred to before attempting this. Once on the back side of the island you will find a cove that has water depths over 50′ deep and majestic oak trees growing right down to the high water line. On this side you will find a forest of small cedar trees and a neat place to go exploring, not to mention the fishing is excellent in this area, too.

So, the next time you need an excuse to use the boat surprise your family with a trip to Tiger Island.

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