Diabetes and Heart Health

You may not be able to cure diabetes, but you can take the right preventive measures to protect yourself from heart disease.

Diabetes and Heart HealthIn Diabetes, Any Protein in Urine May Signal Heart Risk
Diabetes is a condition brought about by the imbalance of blood sugar level due to issues with the insulin production and effectiveness in the body. Diabetes is a manageable condition and many people who have it live long and healthy lives. Diabetes prevention is also possible through good diet, exercise and medication.

However, you have probably heard of individuals with diabetes suffering a variety of complications. One of the common complications of diabetes is heart disease and stroke. It is common in individuals with type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes and heart disease
Individuals with diabetes also experience kidney problems and this is the gateway through which other complications such as heart disease and stroke may arise. According to http://www.onetouchdiabetes.co.in/, when the kidney is not functioning properly, the amount of protein albumin content in the urine may increase. This condition is referred to as albuminuria. Any individual suffering from type 2 diabetes should have their urine protein levels checked during their regular checkups as research shows patients with albuminuria are at considerable risk of heart conditions such as heart attacks and stroke.

Normal Protein levels in the urine
Diabetes itself puts you at risk of heart conditions and stroke as well. However, studies have shown that there is increased risk when protein levels in the urine increase. Ninety percent of individuals with diabetes often have normal urinary protein levels. Studies have shown that as long as the amount of albumin secreted in the urine is measurable and increases, you are at a greater risk of heart trouble.

Studies have shown that individuals who use blood pressure medication with ACE inhibitors were less likely to experience heart conditions. ACE inhibitors have been found to protect the hearts of individuals with diabetes patients with elevated and normal urinary albumin levels. However, there is still further research going on to determine the level of urinary albumin that requires treatment with heart protective medication.

Other risk factors of heart conditions and stroke in diabetes
Quite a number of other factors contribute to the risk of developing a heart attack and stroke when you are suffering from diabetes. Recent “momdoesreviews” article on diabetes says you may not be able to cure the diabetes but you can take the right preventive measures to protect yourself from heart disease.
• Obesity: it is very important to maintain a healthy diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables and less empty calorie carbohydrates in order to stay healthy. Carrying extra weight particularly around the waist puts you at a great risk of fat deposits on the inside of the blood vessels and eventually heart disease.
• Cholesterol levels: elevated cholesterol levels increases the risk of heart disease. Diabetes patients should avoid high consumptions of high cholesterol sources of food, particularly animal protein sources such as red meat, eggs and cheese.
• Hypertension/ high blood pressure: high blood pressure can damage blood vessels leading to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney and eye problems. If you have high blood pressure, you should manage it through good diet, exercise and medication.

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