Dining With Dogs Business Applications are Available

This is a "dog friendly" town, no doubt about it. I've often said, "This town likes dogs more than it does kids."

Dining With Dogs Business Applications are AvailableThe application for dining with dogs is now available. This form is used to apply for a permit to allow dogs to dine in outdoor areas of food service establishments, in accordance with Florida Statute and the City’s Land Development Code.

There is a one time fee of $40.00 and no annual renewals are required, unless the establisment changes ownership.

Approved establishments will be hung in a visible location at the approved establishments so that it is easy to identify who has gone through the process.

Per the City Commission, this process is effective JULY 1, 2014. Applications will be accepted at that time.

The four page application includes the basic questions you would expect, and you’ll need to draw up where the designated doggie dining areas are located… and SHOCKER “a licensed design professional does NOT need to prepare the drawing.”

The form will require a Notary’s signature and there are specific regulations about “Dining with Doggies” such as employee hand washing, removal of dog waste, etc.

This is a “dog friendly” town, no doubt about it. I’ve often said, “This town likes dogs more than it does kids.”

Download the form here: Dining with Dogs Application.

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