Discover the World Travel Show on Nov. 4

Luxury Travel Providers get together at Travel Agency's annual travel show at Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island on November 4th.

The Travel Agency Amelia Island Luxury Travel ShowNext week Friday on November 4 between 4-7pm, Amelia Island’s Travel Agency is organizing the 3rd edition of their now annual “Come Discover the World Luxury Travel Show” at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.
We went last year (see video) and not only had a blast during the well attended event, we also learned a lot of interesting new program offered by this most exciting industries of all.

Since the Travel Agency opened its doors in 1974,  Ange and Jim Wallace and their staff over the years made it a point to personally experience the destinations and programs they sell, and in the process of this learning, they built a huge global network of travel supply partners and friends, whom they refer to as the partners on the ground. One of the big advantages of this approach, may usually only show at the “worst” of times, but is nevertheless very reassuring. Having partners on the ground means that the Travel Agency can advise and alert their customers immediately, when something – anything- disturbing or endangering happens such as nature acting up (Japan) or a popular uprising (Egypt), with ready to implement options and arrangements.

The annual show here on Amelia Island gives the Agency’s clientele a chance to meet with a selection of those partners as some 25 of the most outstanding, industry defining travel companies in the world are going to be presenting at this Travel Show at the Ritz Carlton.  The Travel Industry has substantially expanded in recent decades to include programs that offer learning or improving a skill, experience life altering (changing) expeditions, contribute to sustainability of cultures, get fit and active, do a humanitarian tour or lend a hand to a local cause while doing something exotic. The women at the Travel Agency have been frontrunners in this trend of uniquely sustainable travel, which is reflected in the partners they have invited for this year’s Travel Show entitled : Come Test Drive the World.

A selection of high quality cruise expedition lines, Tour Companies and Specialty Resorts have been invited to present the latest and newest of their offerings to the Amelia Island Travel Aficionado. For an in-depth description on what is offered, go to the Agency’s website and learn about the participating companies and the attractive door prizes, raffles and show discounts and than pencil Friday Nov. 4 in your planner for a trip to the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.

Make sure to attend the show between 4 and 7pm and line your pocket with a $10 bill, as admission requires a “mandatory” donation to the Nassau County Boys and Girls Club, a charity close to both departing resort general manager Kate Monahan as well as the Travel Agency.

The leisure and travel industry today is a front runner in guiding our travel footprints to be sustainable, educational and the necessity to give back. Virtuoso affiliated The Travel Agency, has impressed me from the first time we crossed as a very conscientious, dedicated, informed and gifted group of travel advisors, with knowledge and a network that goes far beyond the Internet options.
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    By RSVP-ing and sending or dropping off your check for the $10 per person donation, you can gain expedited entry into the show.  This will save you time entering the show!

  2. Anonymous

    If you pre pay the $10 donation by mail or drop off at The Travel Agency 1401 Park Ave, you will gain access to an expedited entry line at the Show.

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