Disqus commenting system seems to have a small server problem

Commenting system down

Commenting system down

The normally highly reliable Disqus commenting system seems to have some server issues this morning. In most cases when reading an article while the disqus system is down the normal commenting system will kick in allowing you to comment.

Technology is not always 100% fail safe, especially when interactive media comes into play pulling information from across the net. Most modern Web 2.0 sites are highly interlinked using the latest technology, but it also means that if a glitch occurs it will affect the normal functioning of the website. Even Google has time-outs once and a while.

When commenting in the regular system, once the disqus system is back-up, will be inserted and updated automatically in their system. So don’t shy away from leaving a comment. SearchAmelia likes to see your opinion.


  1. DarkUFO

    Working fine for me 🙂

  2. tommylee

    The moment you put up the information the commenting service seems to be restored.

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