Do What You Say You Will Do

If you make commitments in business, with your children, at church and in social settings, you should follow through.

Do What You Say You Will Do

Do What You Say You Will Do

We all know people who make commitments in business, with their children, in their church and in their social clubs, but do NOT follow through.

Sure things do come up and promises must be broken or delayed, but does it have to happen all of the time? I feel ill if I make a commitment that cannot be kept. I try my best to avoid rescheduling appointments, and I will not volunteer to help you unless I mean it! Well the road to you-know-where is indeed paved with good intentions.

I am tired of people not doing what they say they will. Salesmen who do not return on Tuesday to answer your questions, husbands who appear allergic to painting the mailbox without being prodded and our kids who are not always in the house by dark. I say, “Bring integrity back to commitments.”

    -Do not make a promise you cannot keep – if you know up front that you will not, cannot or do not want to commit to something, simply do not say YES!
    -If you make a commitment, keep it – do everything in your power to keep your word. I was very proud of our teenager. She agreed to volunteer this summer and even though her friends kept calling with much more exciting activities on tap, she honored her committment to help with the children.
    -Respect yourself and your promises – by following your words with actions, you will earn a well deserved respect from not just others, but more importantly – yourself!
    -Do not cancel on engagements scheduled for your convenience. People spend time and energy preparing for meetings, lunches or dinners and you should consider respecting their time, too, when you need to reschedule.

People tend to commit to too many different tasks. Learning to say “no” in the first place is better than saying “yes” and not following through. Quickly enough you will develop a reputation for not being reliable, or even worse, scatterbrained.

I know a businessman who is a socialite in our community. He frequently reschedules commitments he has initiated and shows up late to meetings. Apparently, he feels the gated community he lives in and his perceived income level will gain him favor, forgiving him of his social inconsiderations. Sorry, that style is rude and no one is impressed with this negative trait.

Laurence Haughton wrote, “It’s Not What You Say…It’s What You Do: How Following Through At Every Level Can Make or Break Your Company.” The title alone describes what is crucial. At every level of your life, you must do what you say you will do when you make a commitment.

This applies to not only business, but your personal life as well!

“Words are cheap”

“Actions speak louder than words”

Even Elvis Presley sang, “A little less conversaton, a little more action!”

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