Dressing for Halloween at Work
Photo by: Kelly Lambert
If you work for a company that will allow you to dress in costume for Halloween, there are many options available that can be both fun and practical. Assuming that it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it is something that will not shock or upset your boss, there really is a vast amount of outfits you can choose from and many of the traditional Halloween costumes are comfortable whether you have to sit at a desk or if you are on your feet all day.

Here are some ideas:
1. Bulldog/Gator Fan – Halloween in North Florida always means the annual Georgia/Florida festivities that lead up to the SEC’s most bitter rivalry. This is a good opportunity to support your favorite team, or even an opportunity to be the anti-Dawg or Gator! The Bulldogs and Gators will tangle this coming Saturday in Jacksonville and a little provoking of the other team never hurts!

2. Florida Tourist – This one is good if you are on your feet all day. You can go as a typical tourist with comfortable shoes, bright clothes, a floppy hat and a dangling camera around your neck. White legs with shorts, black socks, and sandals will work just as well.

3. Executive Vampire – Wear a designer outfit and fangs then flash an evil grin at anyone you like.

4. Biker Babe – If you work in a conservative atmosphere, show off your wild side with piercings and tattoos.

5. Clown – We all know about the clowns we say we work with, well here is your chance to be one of them!

6. Pirate – As I have said before, Pirates are always attractive! Anyway, everyone recognizes a Pirate, especially on Amelia Island.

No matter what you choose, be sure and have fun with it. If you work in an office with a dress code, Halloween is your chance to wear what you want for a day!