EABC had its One Year Anniversary Celebration

From zero to one hundred in twelve months is the proud claim of justification for the European American Business Club

EABC celebrates One Year Anniversary

Almost next door to where it all started just a short year ago at the Amelia Island Chamber of Commerce, the European American Business Club held its first anniversary celebration last week at the offices of the Compass Group in the Gateway office park.

The turn out of the networking club that was started by Helmuth Albrecht and Tim Burningham was substantial, as the club saw its membership over the year grow from a handful to more than 100 members. This clearly underlines the desire for an exchange platform here in Nassau County as the club entertains thought of expanding into just being international.
Just the other day SearchAmelia was approached by a woman from Finland who had just followed her husband to Amelia Island and was looking to be hooked up in a volunteer position with an organization locally that deals with mentally challenged and handicapped people. She got all available information within an hour!!

During the celebration, which was unusually sober, as the club is known to mingle after the introductions and speeches with light alcoholic beverages and fingerfoods, new ideas were brought to the table for this year’s planned meetings and outings, with a strong accent on information exchange.

The best meetings last year included a Sunset Amelia Rivercruise, a P├ętanque Warehouse presentation, a meeting at the Yachtclub at Oyster Bay Harbour, a meeting at the Museum of History, a meeting at WaterWheel Gallery and the impressive BellyDance performance afterwards, and definitely the December meeting with Lila Keim and Team Werling, followed by a Trolley ride to see the Christmas lights around the island.

For the coming year the Club is looking to up the ante with more informative exchanges and networking without losing sight of the social aspect, which all members appreciate.
During the celebration meeting I introduced Jeannie Higginbotham, owner of Lashem-n-Leavem, who just opened a specialty beauty salon at the Palmetto Walk Shopping Village and Specialty Photographer Silvy Tompkins, originally from Belgium, who just weeks earlier arrived on island with her husband, whom she met in Belgium while being in the military.

One of the real joys of being a member of the EABC is the pleasure of interacting with some highly talented people, which is why I suggested for one meeting to have all the visual artists in the Club do a small exhibition of paintings, sculptures, photos, poems and even people art.

Completing the tradition from last year’s launch was a short trip across the parking lot to Barbara Jean’s after hour bar, where we improved on last year performance. If you want to know more about the EABC check out their website www.eabcnetwork.com and if you’re looking to become a member – there is (so far) no membership fee – send us an email and get invited for the next meeting on the second Wednesday of the month (always).