Press release: Writers by the Sea Presents Editing Your Prospects of Success on August 16, 2017, with Award winning Author and Editor Emily Carmain presenting.

It’s a crime the way manuscripts are so often tossed in the Rejection pile due to common flaws that brand the writer as an amateur. Don’t be a victim. Learn about traps that can catch any writer and how to avoid them, from professional editor Emily Carmain of Fernandina Beach. Familiarize yourself with the kinds of problems that jump out in the eyes of agents, editors and publishers.

Editing involves not only looking for gremlins like punctuation and grammar errors, but also finding ways to enhance, tighten, polish and strengthen the wording and the flow. Learn what to look for so you can do a better job at editing your work before you send it out . Participate with us in an exercise that lets everyone go over a couple of writing samples together. Bring your pen and questions for the Q&A period.

Emily Carmain (Noteworthy Editing Services), has edited hundreds of manuscripts spanning many different genres. A graduate of Emory University and an award-winning writer and editor, she has worked for news outlets, corps, publishers and individuals. She has been an independent editor based on Amelia Island since 1995 and served as executive director of the Amelia Island Book Festival. In addition to editing, she provides book critiques and coaches writers. For more on Writers by the Sea, check out our FaceBook page or contact Writers by the Sea, Director, Nadine Vaughan D’Ardenne: For more on Emily, go to: