Nassau County has sent out a memorandum addressing “Building Under Construction” and “Finished Construction” Elevation Certificates (EC) required for buildings and mobile homes within designated flood zones.

When an EC is submitted to approve a request for framing inspection (Building Under Construction) and Certificate of Occupancy (Finished Construction), this review can be very time consuming and cannot be done while an applicant is waiting at the customer counter. Also, the EC is again reviewed by FEMA staff during our annual audit for completeness and accuracy and is rejected if found in error or incomplete. If rejected, additional EC’s must be provided for FEMA to confirm that we are adequately enforcing our Floodplain Management Ordinance. This is critical for our participation in the National Flood Insurance Program which allows flood insurance to be provided to the County.

If an EC is found in error, Nassau County is responsible for ensuring corrections are made by the Surveyor, even after the structure has long been completed. Therefore, please allow up to five working days following EC submittal for Building Under Construction approval and two working days for Finished Construction ECs. These required ECs should be easy to obtain well before the building is ready for a rough framing inspection or final occupancy.