Even a Workaholic Can Enjoy a Day Off

I am constantly thinking of the next project, how can I improve on it and is there a new business opportunity just around the corner?

A Nap in a Hamac on a Saturday afternoon is true prosperity

A Nap in a Hamac on a Saturday afternoon is true prosperity

Even a workaholic can enjoy a day off. I have been told that I am a true workaholic.  I guess I cannot deny that since I have always been one to totally emerge myself in any work or project I happen to be doing.  Even when I am not working I am constantly thinking of the next project, how can I improve on it and is there a new business opportunity just around the corner?

My work week for years has been very simple. I worked Monday through Saturday, each and every week with no exceptions unless of course there is a holiday involved.¬† A couple of weeks ago I was talking with my son and business partner and¬†he ‘decided’ that I should start taking Saturday’s off.¬† I must admit I didn’t know how to digest that thought and I had to give it some time to let sink in.¬† After more discussion I reluctantly agreed.

Today was my first Saturday off. Obviously I started off a little confused; how was I going to handle this new world? I was up at my usual 5:30, coffee and roaming through the business section of the newspaper while the news on TV is playing in the background.¬† Around 7:00 am I started to wonder just how this was going to unfold for me. By now I should be in my car and headed to one of my business locations.¬† At 7:30 my wife informed me we needed to head out to a couple of garage sales. That sounded like fun and I thought I might run into a great buy on something that I absolutely couldn’t live without. I had no idea what that may be, but I knew I would recognize it the minute I would see it.¬† We didn’t find any treasures at the sales but at 8:45 we ended up at the farmers market on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach.

I met a few new people and saw several old friends I have not seen in years.  I listened to my old friend Mac play music at the market and was amazed at how good he is.  We ended up talking with a lady who knew everything there is to know about orchids.  My wife loves these plants and of course we came home with one. I did have visions of a couple of new business opportunities, but I knew better then to bring them up to my wife as she has always said I do too much.

Getting back home around 10:30 I proceeded to mow the grass and do a little edging.  Before noon I had finished and was in the middle of writing an article for SearchAmelia.  I decided to take it easy for just a minute, so I turned on the tube and sank into the recliner; I woke up at 2:30.  Now let me tell you, I have not taken a nap on a Saturday afternoon in many years and it felt pretty good.

I finished up the day by getting the Christmas decorations down in preparation of starting the annual decorating.  It seems every year my wife wants to get a head start on the season and without fail, it never seems to work out and becomes a last minute thing.  Not this year though, I know November is already here, but I would be willing to bet that by Thanksgiving we will be all decorated and ready for Santa. The rest of the afternoon I was watching the annual Georgia-Florida game on TV and have to admit that  I was actually pulling for Georgia this year. I just thought it would be nice for them to win once in a while.  It must be depressing to come to Jacksonville, Florida, year after year with the hopes of winning, just to head back home with another loss.  Tim Tebow did not want to hear about it. Oh well Georgia, there is always next year.

All in all I will admit, it wasn’t bad being a ‘normal’ person for a change.¬† I think I could get use to this, but I may need a lot of practice. Heaven forbid, I may have to take on a hobby or two.¬† I’m making plans now for next Saturday.¬† I have visions of taking my metal detector and hitting a couple of spots I have had my eye on for the past forty years or so.¬†If you need to reach me on Saturday’s, just call my cell phone and leave a message, I’ll get back to you.

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  1. helenotoole

    I tried this once and found that I was doing more work on my day off then I was doing when I was working on that day. I say give it a couple of months and see if it really all that it is cracked up to be. I am now enjoying working on Saturdays, if I need an hour or two off I just take it.

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