Everyone is Afraid of Something

People you meet on a daily basis are far more afraid of life and its personal or perceived dangers than what you would presume.

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What is your biggest Fear?

We all fear something, even though sometimes exactly what we’re afraid of, stays in hiding, because we live in a society that manages to paint over the emotions of fear. We also seem to fear the anticipation of the unknown, like the current snow weather alert here in North Florida, that keeps thousands in house because of fear to drive.

Look at that apparently self-assured man in a nice suit going to work.  And see that mom struggling to keep her four kids nearby so they don’t get lost?  And this may surprise you, but the same fears that you felt fall upon you this morning as you were getting dressed are the same fears inside these people about to face the challenges of the day.

We are all afraid of something, and most of the time, it is something that hides in the dark crevices of our mind of which we normally never reveal. But the fact is, most of us are afraid daily of many things. People you may meet on a daily basis are far more afraid of life and its personal dangers than what you would presume, and you would be very surprised if you knew what it was that plagues them. Would you be surprised to know that the greatest fear is Public Speaking? And that most everybody is afraid of the dark?

We all have things we fear. And when that fear takes over, it is demoralizing, paralyzing, and waiting for us to fail. Fear has kept us from so many of our successes, and to this day causes many to not see what they could enjoy if they were not afraid. And usually their greatest fear is failure. So many dreams and plans have been spoiled or not even ventured simply because we are afraid to get out there and find or even build whatever it takes to make our dreams come true. It destroys our own security and distinctly refuses to allow us the experience of going into newfound places and/or the meeting of new people with ideas different from our own.

Fantastic opportunities available to all of us get destroyed or even ignored simply because we have developed a fear, sometimes because of our experience, or our disappointment, or because we have been lied to, cheated, or just ignored.

Fear paralyzes our movement, and certainly kills our desire to try something new. And what is even worse, somebody takes the opportunity that you had offered to you because you refused to go into that area and try it yourself because you were afraid. But the problem of your fear doesn’t just fade with the loss of opportunity. It leaves residuals that you have not been prepared to deal with, like rejection and anger and bitterness. You are mad at yourself, and sometimes you even turn that anger on to the rest of the world, making you angry with the world and the way it has treated you. Or sometimes you will turn everything inward, angry and bitter, and refusing to leave the house or venture in a new opportunity that just might bring you more happiness, you instead sit in your anger and disappointment, and it shows in your future endeavors. You refuse it because it’s risky, or might hurt you in some way. You would rather stay safe and rejected, often that very rejection coming from yourself.

Often this path is the path that we most choose, a life without risk, a path of security. You hate the job, but you will stay there for 40 years because they offer a retirement plan that you can use in your final years, if you reach that stage. You never meet the man or woman of your dreams because you refuse to experience the rejection of talking to some one new. The levels of happiness you reach are slight, but at least you ponder they are without risk. So what does it take to overcome such fear and to make yourself a success?

Well, one suggestion would be to search your inner heart, the being in the part of you that no one else knows, and you learn whatever it is that you dream and really want. And if the dream is healthy and meaningful, and could make you happy, then you make it come true, no matter what the risk. You move in directions that only appear when you bring your dream into existence, and you follow those road maps within you until you get some kind of success.

Afraid to take the steps? Then start with some small ones. You don’t have to do everything all at once. Ask for advice as you carefully try to get closer to whatever dreams you have. And when you have finally accomplished what you want, when you have finally seen some success, whether it be in a significant relationship, or the way you raise your kids, or your dream job, or even just your dream vacation, you will find that a small success burns into your life a bigger one, and the bigger they get, the more success you will experience. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

Dream, and then make it happen. The risk will be worth it. And remember, you’re not the only one that is afraid: We all are afraid.

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