Everything Happens for a Reason

Deb Cottle knows when we help others we often find our own gifts. She shared with me a story about a recent trip to the airport.

Deb Cottle

Deb Cottle

Deb Cottle, motivational speaker and author, truly believes that everything happens for a reason. A champion of charity, she knows that when we help others we often find our own gifts. She shared with me a story about her recent trip to the airport:

“Although I did get lost on the way to the airport leaving from the south end of the island, Granny Jean JUST made her flight in time! But, after dropping Jean at the curb, I was worried that if she didn’t make her flight, she would need me to come back and pick her up. So, I decided to go to the Clarion Hotel and sit for awhile and sip some coffee and wait.

There was only one other person in the little cafe. An older black gentleman, who told me a sad story. His house caught fire the night before, and the insurance company put him up at this hotel for two nights while he found another place to live. He was pretty rattled, and had trouble understanding his insurance policy that he had with him.

Immediately, I jumped up and got him a cup of coffee and spent the next half hour helping him with his insurance policy and then confirming WHAT he needed to do next, and WHERE he needed to go. He was VERY grateful, and it was MY good deed of the day. And off he went!

If I hadn’t gotten lost, and wasn’t at the coffee shop to wait until Jean’s plane took off, that man probably wouldn’t have received the support he needed in his time of need.

So, everything does happen for a reason. The goal is to look at opportunities in which we can help others and not focus on the negative experiences or situations in our own lives. Someone always has it worse than us!”

Amelia Island resident, Deb Cottle is founder & president of World On A String, a company focused on enhancing people’s lives through inspirational seminars, workshops, coaching, products and professional speaking.

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