Explore Florida’s Natural Wonders

Explore Florida's natural wonders with Nature Photographer Len Messineo.

Nature Photographer Len Messineo

Nature Photographer Len Messineo

Award winning nature photographer Len Messineo (Deb Cottle’s father) aspires to demonstrate and display the natural history of a singular place whose ecological and significant qualities are unique and special in the continental United States: Florida, the Sunshine State.

On April 9th and April 16th, from 4 to 7:00 PM, the Howard Gallery at 14 South 7th Street, in historic Fernandina Beach, come take a visual journey of nearly 400 miles. Explore the weath and beauty of Florida’s natural wonders from Amelia Island to the Everglades.

Learn a bit more about Len Messineo here:


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  1. Ameliaprivateeye

    After seeing his some of his work, I am really looking forward to this exhibit!

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