Where are the smiles I used to see? Wearing a face mask hides the genuine demeanor of a person’s expression. Not recognizing a familiar face at the speed in which I should, it is troublesome. I miss the smiles… the smirks… even the laughter is different. And the way many people wear them, sitting loosely below the nose, when everyone knows this is NOT an effective way to afford protection, well, those folks just look uneducated!

What about safety? Is it still illegal to walk into a bank wearing a face mask or has that form of common sense been struck down by the lock down police?

I understand spreading the covid 19 virus may be reduced if we wear a mask, however, do we really need to “double up” on the number of masks we wear at one time? Those pleated blue medical surgical masks are the thinnest and the least absorbent of them all. When you wear these, your spittle soaks through the mask, so now your exhale sends a shot of moisture into shared space. What kind of science are we following when that is the style of mask the government and medical community suggest we wear?

On the plus side – the colors, quotes, and designs of the masks show a great deal of creativity. Whether one agrees or not, I still love seeing different sayings worn on masks as this is a great example of America’s Freedom of Speech in action!

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