Fernandina City Residents Receive Expanded Recycling Services

Fernandina residents get a 65g cart to replace the little blue recycle bins currently used. We can recycle more materials, too.

Fernandina City Residents Receive Expanded Recycling Services Fernandina Beach, FL – On July 3, 2012 the City Commission extended its service contract with Advanced Disposal for collection of garbage, recycling, and yard debris. Contract renegotiations included an enhanced recycling program for City residents. The blue 20g recycle bin will be replaced with a green 65g cart. In addition to a larger capacity container, City residents will be able to recycle more materials.

Advanced Disposal’s “Make Your Mother Proud” enhanced recycling program will start on October 1, 2012. The new carts will be delivered during the last week of September. The green 65g cart will be serviced by a new auto load truck. City residents are requested to empty their existing blue bin and place it next to your new recycling cart on your regularly scheduled pickup. All recycled materials must be located in the green recycling cart. The following items will be acceptable as part of the enhanced recycling program offered:

• Newspapers
• Craft paper
• Shredded paper (in paper bag)
• Paper Towel Cores
• Magazines/ Catalogs
• Phone Books
• Junk Mail/ Inserts
• Office and Copy Paper
• Brown Paper Bags
• Corrugated cardboard (2’ by 2′ or smaller & flat)

• Dry Food Packages
• Boxed soups
• Soda cartons
• File Boxes

• #1-#7 plastics
• Detergent & cleaning containers
• Milk jugs and colored jugs
• Soda bottles (remove lids)
• Water bottles (remove lids)

• Aluminum beverage cans
• Steel food containers
• Aluminum baking tins
• Aluminum food cans
• Clean metallic lids

• Clear glass
• Green Glass
• Brown Glass

For more information about recycling in the City of Fernandina Beach please visit www.fbfl.us/recycle.

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