Fernandina Police 2013 Community Service Award

Len Kreger received the 2013 Community Service Award at the annual Fernandina Beach Police Department Awards Banquet

Fernandina Police 2013 Community Service AwardAlthough primarily focused on traditional law enforcement topics, the police department is also responsible for problem solving a variety of other issues, such as energy waste and sustainability options. For several years we have been able to rely on competent assistance from a local community activist who understands how to get things done. He is a tremendous community resource and volunteer with a wide range of interests and passions.

He has been recognized for his preliminary work in bringing Facility-Dude to the City. This software program is designed for managing maintenance issues and should impact the bottom line, making the City more efficient overall.

Police department staff views him as another set of eyes, but also a community problem-solver. He takes a very positive approach, offering sound advice and practical solutions to a variety of issues, from traffic signs to environmental issues.

As a member of Turtle Watch, he has helped us often with issues related to beach lighting and other sea turtles concerns. We depend on him for informed and realistic opinions and solutions. For example, he recognized a problem when event spectators began parking on the west side of Tarpon, endangering the Gopher Tortoise. We now have a recognized and thriving Gopher Tortoise habitat at that location.

He worked with the police department to survey our facility for energy cost-savings opportunities and helped us get some projects completed that would save energy. He is now tracking Kilowatt usage at city facilities so that we can save energy and budget dollars throughout the City.

He served on a committee for two years that eventually won the City a Bronze Award as a Bike Friendly Community. Recently, he worked with City Staff to create and erect the new beach signs, which look great and have substantially reduced sign-clutter.

Len Kreger received the 2013 Community Service Award at the annual Fernandina Beach Police Department Awards Banquet

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