Get a good deal right at home
Get a good deal right at home

Everybody loves a good deal right? A good buy on large ticket items such as houses, cars and boats to the small things like groceries and home electronics, a good deal makes you happy.  In times past most of us would spend an unlimited amount of time researching the item we were interested in, learning all we could about who sells them and who offers the best bargains.

Cars were always the worst when it came to price checking. Calls would be made to the dealerships next door and to far away states looking for that always elusive “good deal” that we all felt was out there.  I have one good friend who drove nearly 3000 miles one way to purchase a truck that was being offered right here in his home town, but because the deal out west was deemed the best, off he went.  Most of these “good buys” are considered loss leaders for a dealer and typically they only offer one or two at the sale price.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal as much as the next person and if the deal is a little ways away then a road trip it is.

But what if I could get that same good deal right here at home?

The sudden down turn in the economy has eliminated much of the competition.  This goes especially for the dealers that offered “to good to be true” deals that operated solely on the premise of volume, with no long term commitment to sale pricing structure or relationships with consumers.  Today auto prices are more in line and consistent from dealer to dealer without the huge gimmicks we were used to seeing.

Appliances and home electronics are also following suit with the larger retailers offering the same pricing and sales from one region to the next.  Most of these box retail outlets carry the same brands and models, making your buying decisions easier, offering more options where to make your purchase.

Now don‚Äôt be fooled into believing that you’re never going to see sale pricing or deals that are far better than the prices you are offered at home because you will.¬†¬†The question is how do you handle these advertisements and what can be done to get the same deals right here at home?¬† First remember every dealer and retailer is in business to make sales, and if you‚Äôre in the market for the kind of goods they offer, then they want to have an opportunity to earn your business.¬† First do your research, while understanding fully what the competitor-retailer is offering and at what price.¬† Now take your findings to your local dealer or store who carries the same product and show them the deal that has been presented. Then, simply ask if they will honor the same price.¬† Some retailers have offered this service for years, you bring us a better price and we‚Äôll match it.¬† Today we are seeing more and more stores honoring these lower prices saving you time, energy and money. Before you take a long distance drive in search of better pricing, take a few minutes and talk to your local dealer, I bet you‚Äôll be surprised at their willingness to keep your business local.

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