wait-times-at-disney-worldIt is amazing what can be solved with the phrase, “There’s an App. For that.” Laid off from an advertising agency after 11 years of employment, Brent Pope, became tired of the long lines encountered at the Magic Kingdom, so he created an iPhone application that will tell people the length of the wait for the most popular rides.

As a parent with four kids, and still looking for work, he busied himself developing “Wait Times.” Since this relies on users to enter wait times, Pope made a commitment to visit the park everyday this summer and enter the information himself. Not a bad job whose kids are aged between 2 and 13.

The application has a single use, and for only 99 cents, if you have ever been to Disney World, this is a small price to pay to know the wait time for your favorite ride.

He is already growing his new business with “Wait Times” apps being developed for other Orlando and California theme parks. Check out more about this new tool at Theme Park Wait Times.