Firework Safety for the 4th of JulyFireworks are fun and beautiful to look at, but they can become dangerous or even deadly when not used properly or if they malfunction.

Here are some tips to help keep you safe this 4th of July holiday:

    -Sparklers are often considered safe for children. In reality, they burn at high temperatures and the sparks can burn young skin and even ignite clothing.
    -Older kids should be supervised closely when using fireworks.
    -Do not let children engage in horse play or permit random “running around” when fireworks are in use.
    -Only use fireworks away from dry grass, leaves and other debris.
    -Keep a bucket of water and a garden hose nearby for emergencies if necessary.
    -Put used fireworks and sparklers into a 2nd bucket of water to cool them off and to help reduce other injuries.
    -Rinse off used fireworks and immediately put them in a trash container.
    -If a firework fails to ignite, water it down and put it in the trash. Do NOT try to fix a malfunctioning firework.
    -Keep people and pets at a safe distance when lighting fireworks.
    -Read the instructions carefully.
    -Never light fireworks inside of a container, especially glass or metal containers.
    -Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away.
    -Do not make up “homemade” fireworks.
    -Obey local laws. Different states have different laws regarding fireworks, so be aware of the laws you are in when traveling for the holidays.

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