Firing up the Grill Safely
Firing up the Grill Safely
Many people are planning to fire up the grill this weekend and there are a few safety measures worth repeating.

Gather all supplies first, so you are not running in and out of the house, leaving the grill unattended.

Never use a hibachi, or a gas or charcoal grill indoors. Leave at least 10 feet of clearance from any building, structure or vehicle and never grill in a garage, tent, camper, carport or any other covered area. This includes low hanging tree branches.

Keep children and pets out of cooking areas until all cooking appliances have cooled to the touch.

Only use starter fluid made for barbecue grills. Gasoline is NOT a safe alternative when starting a fire in a charcoal grill.

Propane or LP gas grills appear to be most dangerous when they have sat idle for awhile or if they have just been refilled and reattached. Always check the grill hoses for leaks, holes, cracks or sharp bends in the hoses and tubing. If the hoses are old and brittle, replace them!

Do not check for gas leaks with a match or lighter.

Do not leave a filled gas tank in the trunk of your car or in a vehicle. Extreme heat and gas tanks do not mix!

Keep hoses carrying gas as far away from heat, fire and dripping grease as possible.

Keep open flames, including cigarettes, away from a leaking grill.

Always extinquish hot coals before returning your grill to an indoor storage area.

CLICK HERE and see how Bob Vila suggests you check your grill for leaks before use.

Have a safe holiday!

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