First Federal GenGold Customer Saves Big on CruiseWhen Reed Birtles, a GenGold customer, was looking for a last minute getaway, he did what most folks do; he shopped online for a last minute cruise deal through a discount travel site.

It was the Wednesday evening before Labor Day weekend, and the best price he could find was $429 per person for a three night cruise. He then remembered his benefits with GenGold, First Federal’s discount program exclusively offered to their checking customers.

Reed made a call to Perry, GenGold’s cruise specialist, and within 15 minutes, Reed had booked his three night cruise out of Miami for $305 per person!

What Reed discovered was that not all web deals are up to date, with all of the deals he found online being sold out; information Perry could see, but Reed could not.

Reed had a great trip, and will use his substantial savings to book his next cruise, through GenGold, of course!

If you want to learn more about how you can save with GenGold, stop by and visit the nice folks at First Federal Bank on Sadler Road, across from KMart, in Fernandina Beach, Florida.