Fishing for Keepers After Tropical Storm Fay

Sharks TeethAs tropical Fay crept along the east coast of Florida she built incredibly high surf and brought with her torrential rains of up to 35″ in some areas of Florida. Fay is Florida’s first bout with a tropical storm for 2008 and as it made land fall just south of St. Augustine her power was still felt here at home on Amelia Island.

For offshore fishermen this is the time to get geared up for some super bottom fishing action. Storms such as Fay have an incredible effect on our coastal fisheries bringing large grouper, snapper and sea bass closer to our shores. The best time to target these “transplants” is just after the storm has passed and conditions calm. Bait should be fresh local squid placed on a medium sized circle hook and fished at any of the local offshore reefs. FA, FB, FC and the FBY have historically produced great numbers of fish after storms such as Fay. It is my opinion this time will be no different.

If beach combing is your thing, pay close attention to the low tide times. The surf over the past several days has pounded our beach revealing treasurers normally buried deep in the sand. Best advise, get out there early as you are not going to be alone and the early bird always gets
the cool stuff.

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