Racism will grow to concentration camp level due to Arizona Immigration Bill
Racism will grow to concentration camp level.

Racism just got a new meaning and it’s nasty.

Arizona’s signing “Immigration Enforcement” into Bill under heavy protest marks the sad reality that discrimination is heading back to 1955. Martin Luther King is turning in his grave because even looking like a “Hispanic” in Arizona will mark you as an “illegal alien” no matter what status you may have in Arizona or the rest of the country.

Imagine all Latin travelers with perfectly reasonable legitimate visas being detained by Arizona State troopers because some Republican Idiot called Jan Brewer opened the floodgates to discrimination immigration nightmare. Elm Street will look like Sesame Street.

Let have a look at the name of the Governor to open further the flood gates of Alien heaven:

Jan is a Dutch name and his last name “Brewer” was in historic terms only just recently changed to sound phonetically correct in the English language. Because it was “Brouwer”.

I can imagine all immigration officers of Cuban decent working at the TSA and border patrol in Florida will be avoiding Arizona like the plague. Also the emigration of the almost entire look-a-like hispanic population in Arizona will be massive in months to come once confronted by Nazi like raid tactics performed on well respected citizens of the State of Arizona. The nightmare becomes even more evident knowing that the Habeas Corpus is still suspended under George W. rule.

Now many don’t know the full implications but if you look like a Hispanic (even faintly) under federal law detained in the US means that the law enforcement can lock you up and throw away the key and you don’t have any rights whatsoever because your “guilty until proven innocent”. This just got another meaning with the signing of governor Brewer’s Immigration Enforcement Bill.

Not only can they arrest you for looking “Remotely Hispanic” in Arizona, they don’t even have to look at your legitimate paperwork to let you go with an apology. Law enforcement is given the power to literally throw away the key until they see fit (read: are in the jolly mood) to let you make a phone call to your lawyer, friends or family to come to the rescue.

Another sad day in American History proving that the “Land of the Free” is slowly building concentration camps that will make Hitler’s Ghettos look like the Ritz Carlton in comparison unless you are of Irish, red haired decent and you better have the accent as well.