Florida Public Utilities Installs LED Streetlights

City-FPU partnership identifies, develops, demonstrates and evaluates energy efficiency initiatives within Fernandina Beach.

Florida Public Utilities Installs LED StreetlightsFernandina Beach, FL – Florida Public Utilities (FPU) has installed 27 LED (light-emitting diode) street lights in various locations throughout the City. The fixtures remain the same, but the light bulbs have been upgraded to LED. LED lights are extremely energy efficient. The lights use less electricity to run, and last much longer than traditional incandescent lights. This can result in cost savings over the life of the bulb.

This project is part of the City-FPU partnership to identify, develop, demonstrate and evaluate energy efficiency and conservation initiatives within the City of Fernandina Beach. As a partnership, FPU provided funding for 24 of the upgraded lights, and the City funded the remaining three.

The City and FPU invite everyone to visit the LED light locations. A map of the lights is available on the City’s website. FPU is especially interested in feedback on the lights. Interested parties may contact the City or FPU at the numbers below to provide comments on the LED lights.

For more information or to provide comments on the lights, please call the City of Fernandina Beach City Manager’s Office at 904-277-7300. To contact Florida Public Utilities, call 904-261-3663 or for more information, visit www.fpuc.com.


  1. Jeffery Alexander Watts

    It’s true that LEDs last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs, about 25x longer, and LEDs use much less electricity than incandescent light bulbs, about 20x less. But that is comparing LEDs to incandescent light bulbs. Street lights are typically high-pressure sodium halide (HPS) bulbs, which use about double the electricity of LEDs and give off a yellow-ish glow. The new LED street lights will have a much whiter light, more mimicking the light given off by the sun than current HPS street lights produce. What this means is that searching for your car at night will be a lot easier underneath LED-lit parking areas than in a standard-lit parking area.

  2. Ameliaprivateeye

    But… are we “the city” still being as conservative by FPU’s initiative as we are being led to believe?

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