Food Channel Predictions for 2011

As we enter a new year, the Food Channel predicts that the new economy is forcing some changes in our food habits.

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At this time of the year, everyone and his lapdog comes out with a list of forecasts and trends that will see daylight in 2011. Nothing new therefore when I got this email from the Food Channel that 2011 will see a lot more Home Canning, more Men Cooking and more purchasing of local foods.

The Food Channel, along with CultureWaves, Mintel International and International Food Futurists, identified the most significant food trends that will drive how people eat throughout 2011.

“The new economy has created a boldness and willingness to change how we work, how we cook and how we eat. All of our 2011 trends reflect that in some way,” says Kay Logsdon, editor of The Food Channel. “One example is baby boomers wanting to age well. For example, trend No. 10 explains they are eating for better sex, more energy and the ability to work longer.”

The Food Channel’s top 10 trends for 2011 are:
• The canning comeback, something grandma did is gaining popularity for both economy and health.
• More men cooking because of layoffs.
• People wanting to get food grown locally.
• Americans are of tired of being told what they can eat.
• Social media working as a food guide and coupon source.
• Corporations thinking like small businesses to respond to a changing market.
• More fresh foods daily via gardens.
• Bringing chefs to schools to improve taste and improve diet.
• Eating “out of the box”, because change makes people comfortable with more change.
• Eating for better sex and better health to live longer and healthier.

Well I would like to add that foregoing doesn’t change my circumstance one bit, as aside from the holidays, I do the great majority of cooking around the house and an important reason why is, that I work from the house. Surprisingly that trend does not show up on the Food Channel’s list, but I think that one important reason for the trend detection is the fact that a growing number of people have taken their business to the internet working from the home, which will have consequences on eating out as well as the type of foods purchased.

One major change for me is that grocery shopping once a week has now turned into daily or at least three times a week, increasing the level of fresh food in my household substantially, while also stocking up canned food like the squirrels in my attic.

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