Force of Nature - Hurricane Season

By: Steve Rossman

The 2013 Hurricane Season is quickly approaching and will officially start on June 1, 2013 and end on November 30, 2013. Even with these dates representing the “official” start of the season, be aware that tropical storms and hurricanes have and will happen either side of the above dates. We had a very mild taste recently, with heavy and constant rains.

If you live in a high flood risk area like we do, personal preparation is the key to avoiding disaster. Take solid steps ahead of time to ensure the safety of your family and minimize property loss, even when the flood waters come lapping at your doorstep.

By following this list of flood safety tips, your family and home will be ready when waters begin to rise.

    • Call your local “American Red Cross” office to assess your home’s flood risk.
    • Put together a supply kit including battery-powered flashlights and radio, first aid and medications, rain gear and warm clothing, sleeping bags or bedding, several days’ worth of canned foods and bottled water, and any other personal items you must have for health and safety. Let’s not forget our pet’s when packing our supplies.
    • Form a family emergency/evacuation plan. Make sure everyone knows where to go in the event of a flood warning. Make a list of those places you could go–houses of family or friends, shelters or other safe public buildings on higher ground. Provide each family member with a written list of the locations and phone numbers, preferably in order, from first to last resort.
    • Check with your insurance agent on whether or not flood insurance is available for your home. Consult a professional when making flood insurance decisions.
    • Elevate your water heater, furnace and electrical panel to minimize damage if they are in flood-prone areas of your home.

During a Flood Watch or Warning:

    • Fill your car’s gas tank at the earliest suspicion of flood-producing weather or conditions. It will be your quick getaway if the time comes.
    • Move what furniture and valuables you can to the highest floor of the house, or in single story homes, raise them off of the ground as much as possible. Do this at the onset of a flood watch.
    • Stay tuned to local TV and radio for constant updates on the weather forecast, flood level, and watches and warnings. Take all advice and warnings seriously.
    • Evacuate to higher ground as soon as a flood warning is issued. Follow your family evacuation plan while avoiding waterways at all costs. Do not drive into standing water and abandon your car immediately if it does stall in water. Search for high, dry ground, and get there as quickly as possible!

Flood waters contain many contaminates – oil, gas, and raw sewage. If your property has experienced a flood or water-loss of any kind (ruptured water heater, broken pipe, HVAC leak, etc) call AdvantaClean to clean and disinfect your property at (904) 321-9394 for your no cost estimate. Read more about all of our services by CLICKING HERE.

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