FortuneBound Team Talks Economy

fortunebound-team-talks-economyIn the beautiful setting of Downtown Fernandina Beach’s Cafe Karibo, FortuneBound’s team of streetwise experts elaborates and clarifies in this video what really is happening with the economy, in spite of hopeful promises and fabrications from Wall Street and Washington that the worst of this recession is over. A recession is one way for the economy to tell us that we have been wrong in our handling of market forces. It tells us whether we have abused monetary policies, squandered resources, over extended consumerism, bend the realities of budget balancing and so much more. When the economy retracts and the engine(s) starts sputtering we get our sign that belt tightening would be a good measure.

Ask yourself if you have done enough tightening (deflating the bubble that was created) and then wonder if we have really reached the bottom. Sure there are plenty of poor souls in South Florida, Michigan, California and even Las Vegas biting n a bit right now, wondering how to get out of the hole. But one visit to our local Fantastic Fudge Shop will quickly teach you that there is still plenty of discretionary money around. As we have said on many previous occasions, if you’re in the hole, STOP DIGGING! Take a deep breather and jump out of the hole. One way to do that is by embracing the thought of a home based business. FortuneBound is ready to teach and guide you, but only you can take the first step.

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