Forward Fernandina Waterfront Redevelopment

Those of us who have lived here for more that 20 years know, anything can happen in Fernandina Beach!

Forward Fernandina Waterfront RedevelopmentI was on the Fernandina Beach website recently and stumbled upon some interesting information about the redeveloment of our waterfront. I had no idea the city offered so much on the subject, that we could form our own opinions and not just listen to the gossip and one sided opinions that we, as a close-knit community, are subject to hear on a regular basis.

There are sketches, and plans and groups that meet to make all of these decisions about our downtown area under the Foward Fernandina Goals.

According to the Fernandina website, “Forward Fernandina (F2) is a partnership between the City of Fernandina Beach and the Amelia Island-Fernandina Restoration Foundation (Restoration Foundation) focused on strategic planning for the revitalization of downtown and adjacent areas, including the Amelia River Waterfront, the 8th Street entryway, and surrounding neighborhoods. F2 capitalizes on prior community visioning efforts, particularly Vision 2000, in order to continue momentum towards reaching community-identified goals.”

Because this is such a contraversial topic, you may want to read the entire 27 page Forward Fernandina update that was submitted by our last City Manager on November 11, 2011. Or maybe you prefer to see the 35 page presentation, that is on the website, too.

You can read a copy of the minutes, in draft form, HERE from the Waterfront Advisory Group Regular Meeting held on January 6, 2012, as well.

If the subject of redeveloping the waterfront is interesting to you, you may want to take a look at Our city does a good job of keeping the resident’s informed on this subject. Read the documents and make up your own mind. Do you like the idea of an entertainment pavilion, a playground and a fountain downtown to attract more citizens to the historic district? Or maybe you prefer your tax dollars be spent on buying the post office building or putting a pavilion at Main Beach?

Since we just lost our Manager and we have new commissioners in office… those of us who have lived here for more that 20 years know, anything can happen in Fernandina Beach!

Go ahead and submit your comments, we’d love to hear a variety of opinions on the matter.

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  1. Myra Mains

    The F2 project is very interesting and all the gossip is informative, I have read the F2 plan, then low and behold looked up the CRA…guess what the waterfront improvements in the F2 project are the same one that were in the CRA, with tax dollars supposedly being set aside to pay for the improvements!  No wonder people had a problem with it and thought the funding should have been on the ballot!   You can find the CRA on the city website also.

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