food-lion-recycle-bagI do most of the grocery shopping for our family and I recently found a way to go green and get free Food Lion recyclable shopping bags at the same time. I shop at all the Stores in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, and each one has its benefits. I get the Fernandina Beach news paper every Wednesday so that I can determine which store may have the deal of the century on something my family just can’t live without. I know many people who only purchase the news paper for this reason. Winn-Dixie, Publix and Harris Teeter are all located here on the island as well as Food Lion.

I have found that for most of our staples and general shopping the closest grocery store to my home, Food Lion, has just about everything we need. I run into many friends there on a regular basis and in the past few years that I have taken over the grocery shopping I have met most of the employees there. They are all a wonderful bunch of people who greet me nicely every time I shop there. Food Lion may not have the fresh Sushi bar which I sometimes go out of my way to indulge in or the fresh seafood market that some stores have. Being a somewhat local I would never buy seafood from a grocery store as we go offshore fishing quite often and have friends who are shrimpers on the island. There is nothing better to eat than fresh shrimp cooked up the day they are unloaded from the boat, or fresh fish you caught that afternoon. Those are stories for another time though.

Just recently I was treated to a special bonus by one of the Food Lion employees, when I purchased 2 bottles of 7-Up that were on sale with additional coupons attached to them, making them almost free. Our household goes through a lot of lemon-lime type of sodas as my daughter likes them and they mix wonderfully with good vodka for a refreshing drink. That’s also another story for a later time. This employee went over to the recyclable bag stand and pulled off a bag and a coupon for a free bag with the purchase of two bottles of 7-Up.

I truly appreciated what this employee did for me. I had looked at these bags many times and considered buying them to use for my frequent trips to the grocery store but now I did not have to purchase them. Needless to say our household is stocked with soda now and we have plenty of recyclable bags. Now I just have to remember to take them with me when I go to the store. Thanks to Food Lion though for helping me take the another step in Going Green.

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