Free is not Really Free For Florida Shoreline Fishing License

Florida saltwater shoreline fishing license is free unless you buy by phone, $3.33; by computer $2.31, or 50 cents at WalMart.

Free is not Really Free For Florida Shoreline Fishing License

Free is not Really Free For Florida Shoreline Fishing License

Back in June I had written an article about the Shoreline Saltwater Fishing License no longer being required in the state of Florida. Well, that wasn’t quite correct. The license that was required and cost you $9.00 in 2009, was repealed this year by the Florida Legislature. However, they retained a license requirement to keep the feds from instilling their more costly option.

Here is where the government intelligence comes in:

The website for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission FAQs asks,
“How much does the license cost?”
“The license is free, effective July 1, 2010. However, anglers who obtain the license over the phone will pay a convenience fee of $3.33 to the vendor who provides the service, and those who obtain the license off the Internet will pay a $2.31 convenience fee.”

Yes, the law was repealed. Yes, you are still required to get the license that is free (not really free) for Florida residents. However, I found a much better deal!

If you obtain this required free license at your local WalMart like I did earlier this week, it will only cost you 50 cents for a processing fee. When I learned the details of the repeal, I went straight to the store and purchased my free license. I even bought my husband a free license, too! Next year, when my daughter is 16 years old, I’ll be able to buy her a free license as well.

Even though you can fish from Florida’s shores or fixed structures for free if you are a Florida resident, you still have to acquire the license, and that is NOT free. This required free license will set you back at the very least, a whopping 50 cents, a trip to the store and about ten minutes at the counter of your favorite sporting goods department! Or of course, you can get the license ONLINE HERE for about $2.00 more!

Government intelligence?

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  1. ameliadude

    Thanks for my Free License. I guess this is kind of like the way people sell things on the internet for next to nothing but charge you 20 dollars for shipping and handling. At least I can now go catch supper!!!

  2. Escritora

    I love the attitude, Judie! I'll have to go buy my free license as well next week! =)

  3. Wrdjax

    It's free at the License burea. Just got one

  4. Ameliaprivateeye

    So you really can get it for FREE??? LOL

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