Georgia Florida Weekend is Upon Us

It is Georgia- Florida football weekend here on Amelia Island and the town is a buzz with football activity and partying!

Georgia Florida Weekend is Upon Us

Aaron Murray

It is Georgia- Florida football weekend here on Amelia Island and the town is a buzz with football activity and partying! The fall air has come back to us and the weather is perfect for locals and tourists alike. One of the great things about this weekend is that there is so much to do surrounding the game. Unfortunately for some of us there is too much to do sometimes.

As many of you know I am a fan of football (OK, a football fanatic) and have a passion for Georgia football(OK- I am a diehard Dawgs Fan!!!). Having graduated from The University of Georgia in the early 80’s, (I just gave away my age didn’t I?) I have followed this game from the Hershell Walker era through Tim Tebow’s dominance and now into a new decade of SEC football where everything this year so far has been topsy turvey. Each week brings a whole new dimension to college football which makes it very interesting.

As SearchAmelia has grown it takes us in many different directions, often with so much to do we sometimes wonder if we can actually sleep-in or stay at home and watch a movie. Most of the time this is not an option with our family, but I pride myself in taking my Saturdays to watch college football and my Bulldogs grind it out each week. Last week I actually watched my first Dawgs game on my laptop live streamed from It was great!

I have been to what is now Everbank Stadium numerous times to see this game live, but now prefer to sit in my own living room, with my own cooler and witness every play multiple times, and rewind or pause the game if I so desire since technology is now advanced enough to do such things.

This year however so much is going on that my preferred viewing preference may not be an option. Starting with Thursday night’s Shiny Badges A Night of Laughter, and a great Halloween Party Friday night, things just keep getting interesting. On game day our favorite rock and roll trio Blistur is having their CD release party in Jacksonville shortly after the game and since we are heavily involved with them I will not be allowed the luxury of watching the whole game in the privacy of my home, instead I will video the band during their concert for their DVD and that will be a blast!!!

As for this Georgia- Florida game I am extremely optimistic, due to the fact that GA and their fine group of players, Aaron Murray, AJ Green, Washaun Ealy, and Caleb King are on top of their game, as well as our defense. Most of my FL fan buddies are not as optimistic as I am about their chances. Even Arlene Rowland-Scott of Rowland’s Upholstery pleaded the fifth and would not talk to me about the outcome of this game.

My Prediction…

GA 34, FL 21

Go Dawgs Sic Em Woof Woof Woof

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  1. ameliadude

    Just have to say it one more time- GO DAWGS SIC EM WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

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