Gun Sales on the Rise for Good Reason

It is speculated that the increase in gun sales comes from women, hunters, and a fear of tighter gun control laws.

Gun Sales on the Rise for Good ReasonOne of the largest holiday news stories for 2011 was the increase in gun sales. The FBI said Louisiana gun dealers requested nearly 12,000 more Criminal Background System checks in December than in November.

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action posted on December 22nd, “Last month background checks were done for 1.5 million people according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Most of those translate into gun sales.” Reports like these are all over the internet.

While the FBI doesn’t offer a particular reason in their press release for the increase in firearm sales, it is speculated that the increase comes from women buying guns for protection, the increased popularity in hunting, and a fear of tighter gun control laws in an election year.

Even the owner of our local gun shop and indoor shooting range, Second Amendment Outfitters, LLC said they had fantastic sales numbers for the holiday season.

In my family, we were taught to shoot at an early age. As kids, my brother and cousins learned how to hunt, and we ate what they killed. As a young, single mom living in Atlanta, I was encouraged to carry a handgun. Most of the men in my family, as well as my daughter, have served in the military armed forces. Still, the right to bear arms and gun control seems to be a controversial and political subject. Presidential hopeful Ron Paul‘s stance on the issue is a perfect example, “As a congressman, Ron Paul has never once voted for any piece of legislation that would infringe on gun owners’ rights or weaken the Second Amendment.”

I started thinking about this yesterday when I read about a brave young woman, from Oklahoma, on Yahoo. The following video from ABC News, describes how this young mother, whose husband died from cancer on Christmas Day, shot and killed an intruder while she was on the phone with the 911 emergency operator to protect herself and her three month old son… what would you do?


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, J-Mack! Thanks for the mention. You’re absolutely correct. Second Amendment Outfitters had a record-breaking holiday season this year. Lot’s of folks giving the gift of bang-bang. Day after Christmas sales were as big as Black Friday and the range was full most of the week leading to New Year’s Eve. We have definitely noticed an increase in activity from women shooters too and they’re having a blast feeling their power and gaining confidence in the gun range.

  2. Anonymous

    In the shoes of the young woman, there is no choice but to pull the trigger. Even coming from Holland where gun possession is frowned upon, I would defend the right to bear arms in this country. We’re living in increasingly uncertain times and with a government more inclined to corral our freedom and increasingly impotent in protecting us, I can see why gun possession is on the rise. Next thing to worry about is availability of ammunition.

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