GUTS in 2012By: Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader and Author Deb Cottle

Do you have the GUTS to move forward this year? It’s the beginning of February, and this will be a magnificent new year. A time for pressing the restart button, creating a clean slate, and deciding what activities you want to continue into this exciting new year. Not to mention what activities you want to discard or change!

We all have the opportunity to create our environment, and experiences. And to be able to change what we can change, in order to make our lives just work better! Some experiences can’t be changed, but most can be adjusted, or enhanced with either the power of the mind, and how we look at our situation. We also can ask more questions that would provide answers to lead to solutions!

The first step in the GUTS formula is GAIN KNOWLEDGE – representing the “G” in my proven 4Step GUTS FORMULA.

Each of us can take responsibility for deepening our knowledge in our jobs, hobbies, or personal life in order to learn and grow. In our chosen field of work it’s extremely important that we find ways to become an expert in our field, or at least become more knowledgeable.

This is good for two reasons: First, it boosts our own confidence level when we know more about a particular subject or profession. Second, it gives us a competitive edge. When prospects are making a choice among various vendors and salespeople, they typically choose to do business with those who are leaders in their field. Anyone can become a leader by earning additional credentials and/or designations and taking more classes or seminars in his or her industry.

Make a plan in 2012 to GAIN KNOWLEDGE and you will realize positive results and a huge boost in your confidence level!

Stay tuned to learn about the rest of the GUTS FORMULA techniques that will help you move forward this year!

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