The clicks are counted and it’s nearly announcement time! 

On Friday, January 27, at noon EST, the team at Coastal Living will reveal the results of this year’s Happiest Seaside Towns in our first-ever, LIVE broadcast via Facebook Live!

Broadcasting from Stuart, Florida, the 2016 Happiest Seaside Town, the 2016 winners are super excited to share the love with the new winner, live, and they’re pulling together a cheering section. 

Let all your friends and family know to watch Coastal Living’s Facebook page at noon EST on Friday, January 27, to watch us count up from #10, to the big winner! You’ll be able to comment and cheer in the comment section, and tag your community to get watching! We plan for the entire broadcast to take about 30 minutes, total.

Once the news is live, a press release will go out from Time Inc. naming the winner and the full ranking. Thank you all for making this such a positive event with a big heart. It’s what makes small towns so wonderful!

Once again, the big reveal will be LIVE on Facebook, on the Coastal Living page, at NOON EST on Friday, January 27th!