Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary

It is our 20th wedding anniversary and we often tease that we would have been divorced years ago but neither one of us wanted the kids!

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary

Our Wedding Day

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. We took a vow in front of God and our friends to nurture and encourage the best in each other, til death do we part. Sure there have been times we have wanted to kill each other or even questioned, “Is this worth it?” But the one thing we both know we can count on, is each other!

I was flipping through our wedding album full of photos and felt an abundance of blessings. We had a fairly large wedding and guests from across the country and across the street came to celebrate the beginning of our life as one. The laughter during the rehearsal and subsequent dinner are obvious in the old photographs. These were endearing moments caught while time continues to pass. There were curious children who are now adults with families of their own and other pictures serve to refresh the images of those who have passed, but whose memories are still warmly held in our hearts.

My grandparents on my wedding day

My grandparents on my wedding day

My now 90 year old grandmother wore a lovely lavender floral dress and her pearls matched the roses in the coursage I pinned to her gown as my grandfather gazed upon us. The women in the bridal party helped me put on the dress that must have weighed about 15 pounds with its long train and sewn on sequins, lace, ribbons and pearls.

We were married in the small New Hope Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia. This old church is full of history dating possibly to the late 1700’s, though the first written history of the church was in the early 1850’s. I remember road construction started after our invitations were mailed and we placed posters along the winding country roads for our guests to find the church. Each of the posters found their way to the dance floor with a human partner and danced a French Can-Can once the reception got into full swing.

Tradition was well established:

Mom adjusting my veil

Mom adjusting my veil

The pearl earrings I wore were old,
and my dress and veil were new.
From my roommate my shoes were borrowed,
and the garter atop my stockings was blue.

My mother gently fluffed up my veil and held my hand until it was time for her to be escorted to her seat in the reserved pew. My father, a Florida Gator fan, walked me down the isle. When the pastor asked who was giving me away, he proudly responded with, “her mother and I do” as he flashed his orange and blue Florida suspenders that were hidden under the jacket of his tuxedo to my husband-to-be. Then he placed my hand into the hand of the Georgia Bulldog I would marry!

Dad and his Florida Gator suspenders

Dad and his Florida Gator suspenders

The small chapel was standing room only and erupted in cheers, whistles and applause when we were introduced for the first time as husband and wife.

We dated for four and one half years before we got married. This was indeed the biggest promise we could make to each other. We often tease that we would have been divorced years ago, but neither one of us wanted the kids!

After 20 years, I think you will agree that one of us must have a lot of patience!

Happy Anniversary, I love you Lawrence!


  1. tommylee

    Enjoy the day and many more to come I hope. Congrats for holding on based on memories and promises as life's greatest gift to you both is the union of being able to count on each other to endure the challenges it throws while enjoying those moments that count and make it worthwhile.

  2. Ndeonas

    Happy 20th. A great article about a wonderful family. Hope you two have many more together.

  3. publisher_sa

    20 years – 7,300 days of married bliss. Doesn't sound like a lot in these days of big numbers, but it takes a huge commitment born out of love and respect. Happy Anniversary.

  4. ameliadude

    Thanks for bringing back the wonderful memories of that day. I love you and look forward to at least 20 more. Happy Anniversary.

  5. Cynnielynn

    That was beautiful, Judie. Thank you so much for sharing the memories of your wedding day. You both look just the same as you did back then and are more in love than ever. Congratulations to you both for standing strong and facing the world as one!

  6. Ric Ronveaux

    Congrats you two! You're a wonderful couple and family….

  7. Playhard

    Wow, 20 years of putting up with Lawrence…… Judy, you deserve an award, LOL! Congrats, you guys are great friends and set the bar high for all us married people.


  8. Littlemac

    Congratulations on your anniversary. That was indeed a fun day 20 years ago. May the next 20 years be even more fun, and crazier, than the first!


  9. Bonnie Tanner

    My dear Judie, what a wonderful event. & much love & admiration to you both. Have a Happy wonderful day! I think of you both often & with much love. congratulations to you both

  10. Waneetac

    have a wonderful day and many many more love you both God Bless your marrage Grandma

  11. KC

    Happy 20th Anniversary……Congratulations and Cheers to the next 20!

  12. Blacklablover

    Congratulations, Lawrence and Judie! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. You two fit together so well and are beautiful people, inside and out. After 39 years together, we have learned the magic of “Yes, dear” and “If it makes you happy, it makes me happy.” God Bless You and keep you safe throughout your next 20 years together.

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