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Work for a global entertainment icon with the ability to reach and inspire millions. Post your resume on Monster.com today!

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

When I opened my electronic mail this morning I was greeted with this notice from one of the major job hunting websites:

Job Description: ATTENTION: Public Relations Rock Stars, Bloggers & Social Media Moguls! – Work for Alicia Keys!”

“What?” I asked aloud! “Work for Alicia Keys?” I continued to read.

“Yes, THE Alicia Keys! This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime!”

No kidding! How fascinating this opportunity could be for someone! I read the ad further and followed along to her websites and realized this is a woman who understands that social media has taken a firm grasp of day to day life. Here is the rest of that help wanted post:

“Alicia Keys’s voice has reached millions, but she needs your help to blast it into the blogosphere! If you have what it takes, you could be the Head Blogger for the new site www.IAAS.com. The goal of IAAS.com (I Am A Superwoman) is to create an online community connecting, inspiring, and broadcasting important topics related to women. You will be the main voice of the website aiming to motivate and encourage women all over the globe! This is an opportunity to turn your creative writing, blogging, and social media skills into a promising career within the Arts & Entertainment industry.

Her Grammy Award-winning resume speaks for itself. Does yours? We’re looking for a head blogger and social media expert with the following skills:

Experience creating, writing, and editing a blog, website, and/or print publication

A poised, passionate, and unique voice able to creatively express yourself

A background in Public Relations, Marketing / Web Marketing, Media Relations, Communications, Journalism, Writing, Digital Media, Internet Canvassing, and/or Social Media

Experience using web development tools and software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft on Demand, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Digital Media Platforms

Actively lead, manage, and influence peers in developing creative media content

A thirst for Arts & Entertainment, pop culture, current events, politics, and networking

A demonstrated ability to motivate and encourage women through the discussion of women’s issues.

Do You Have What it Takes?

To be considered, you must meet all of the following criteria:

2-3 years of related work experience

A Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience

Must be authorized to work in the United States. Unable to sponsor or transfer H1 visas at this time

Must be available for frequent domestic and international travel. Must have valid passport, and must complete any additional paperwork necessary for government travel clearances.

Final candidates will be interviewed in New York City as part of a news segment on a national TV network morning show on or about May 17-20, 2010, and in London, UK at the Black Ball on or about May 27, 2010. Candidates must be able to travel to and participate in the interviews.

Submit to a thorough background and reference check

This is a permanent, full-time position. Career contractors will not be considered.

Must be willing and able to report to work in New York City, NY. Relocation costs not covered by employer.
Restrictions against blogging for other sources may apply (to be determined at employer’s discretion).

Make it Happen – Apply Now!

Our search begins on April 6, 2010. Here’s what you MUST do to be considered and how the selection process will work:

Upload or create your resume on Monster.com including a cover letter. Candidates will also be asked for links to their social media space and/or current blogs as demonstration(s) of their writing and marketing abilities. Candidates’ existing blogs and/or social media space will be evaluated according to a.) the uniqueness of written voice, b.) creativity of the site design & subject matter, and c.) how well subject matter directly addresses IAAS’s ideology.

Make sure that your resume is searchable (i.e., Public) on Monster.com so that we can search for and view your resume (note: Confidential or Private resumes will not be considered)

The selection process will go through three phases:

All eligible candidates will be evaluated by Monster’s 6Sense search technology.

If you are selected for the first round of interviews, you will be notified on or about May 6, 2010. Final candidates’ interview performances and written works will be evaluated by a panel of social media experts, and Alicia Key’s Advisory Board. (Other details and directions on subsequent interviewing rounds will follow for the identified final candidates.)

Three final candidates will be flown to the UK Black Ball in London where they interview with Alicia Keys on or about May 27, 2010.

The Head Blogger for Alicia Keys’s www.IAAS.com will be announced on National television the week of June 21st.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Work for a global entertainment icon with the ability to reach and inspire millions. Post your resume on Monster.com today!”

Good luck!


  1. publisher_sa

    Great publicity gig for….Alicia Keys and Monster. Don't think I would want the job however. And what does it mean to be head blogger? Bunch of other bloggers writing on the same limited topic? Remember the old RCA logo with the line “His Master's Voice”. Real blogging is the good, the bad and the ugly. Doesn't sound much like that to me.

    PS I like Alicia, but this is record company b.s.

  2. Ameliaprivateeye

    LOL Since the blog is on her new site “I am a SuperWoman” I don't think you'd qualify for the job anyway.

    But, wouldn't it be great if this “publicity stunt” really is meant to tie together initiatives such as Keep a Child Alive, Sistering.org, the Barbara Schliffer Clinic and others that help unite women world-wide to make a difference – indeed teaching that all women possess the required qualities to be a SuperWoman?

  3. publisher_sa

    First let me get this out of the way: I am way overqualified for the job from education to life experience to music entertainment industry. Having said that, I am also of the opinion that the social angle that you are pointing at, is not really going to be served by this stunt. I like in your face action like Angelina Jolie, not a duplicated stunt (remember the blogger position for the Australian Barrier Reef island publicity last year?). They got 16,000 applicants; someone was offered the job and then it became real quiet…real quiet. Well I think Alicia Keys has potentially much more to offer than this little forgettable stunt. Enough already.

  4. Ameliaprivateeye

    LOL SearchAmelia didn't post the story for YOU to apply for the position… however, I did think you would see the computer saavy “pro-active” side of what her entourage is trying to accomplish. I am surprised you feel this way. You teach the benefits of social media, but you disagree with Alicia Keys reaching out to pull a little extra attention from a social media job title that she needs to fill anyway… with Monster likely picking up part of the tab! Back to basics… think “old school”…. in this situation, any additional press is good press!

  5. tommylee

    Well, it is not necessarily the savvy side of her entourage that came up with a job description of a “Head Blogger”, since if that was the case I personally would fire them all doing a remarkably bad job. What is a Head Blogger anyway?

    Social media is not build on the merit of more people you have writing for you the better you're spreading the word. It is about how well you use the “viral tools” to take the stories to the next level of recognition. This is where many are still stuck in “old school” thinking.

    Secondly a “webmaster quality” combining with a journalistic savvy trait is in almost all cases a waste of time. There will be one or the other lacking and thirdly neither a webmaster nor journalist may be a remarkable social media user.

    Sorry to say but thinking about this I can only conclude that in all aspects of the bottom line objectives this will be a failure, thus this “stunt” will ruin someones career potential, no matter how good a job they'll try to do.

    I hope i'm proven wrong.

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