Heartbleed Bug Attacking ServersThere is a new bug attacking our computer servers and this one is bad! Heartbleed is the name, and everyone with a Yahoo.com, OkCupid.com or Github.com accounts should change their passwords.

According to LastPass.com, “The Heartbleed bug causes a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, which is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet…”

The current advice is to not log-in to afflicted sites until you are sure the problem has been fixed. Contact your server’s customer service team for more information. Or you can check your server’s vulnerability and assessment on LastPass.com. For example, I use Siteground for most of my hosting and found out that the SSL Certificate is now safe and my next step was to change my passwords as an extra precaution.

(TIP: It is good practice to change your passwords on a regular basis.)

Once you’ve changed your passwords and have confirmation that your servers have been fixed, you should reach out to businesses that have your personal information, like credit card account numbers, and make sure they are aware of this new bug.

Keep an eye on your financial statement and look for unknown charges on your bank statements.

For the latest information visit Cnet.com.

If you have trouble creating and remembering passwords, take a look at LastPass.com, “The Last Password You Have To Remember.”

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