Help Save the Citrona Maritime Forest

Help Save the Citrona Maritime Forest

There is a huge outcry from our community to save this property, a natural habitat for wildlife.

There is a large outcry from our community to slow down, gather information, and make an informed decision before we do irreversible damage to our wonderful island regarding the Citrona Maritime Forest.

The conservation land known as Amelia Bluff is directly connected to the Egans Creek Greenway. This property provides a natural habitat for wildlife and is one of the most outstanding parcels of maritime forests within our city limits. As residents of Fernandina Beach, we need to protect our conservation land before it is destroyed by the ongoing sprawl of development.

We are being told… But,
The designation of Amelia Bluff as “conservation” is just a mapping error BUT, history shows the City Commissioners have always intended to protect the Citrona Maritime Forest
It is too late to save the land; it has already been destroyed BUT, a visit to the site shows a parcel with great live oaks
The conservation portion was intended to protect wetlands north of this parcel BUT, the commissioners don’t seem concerned about the runoff of fertilizer and other household chemicals that will drain into those wetlands from developing a neighborhood of 30 homes
Reclaiming the property is cost prohibitive to taxpayers BUT, funds from already collected impact fees would leave the city a smaller financial burden
Honoring the conservation designation will lead to a devasting lawsuit BUT, the developer holds some responsibility in developing land clearly indicated as conservation

On February 19, the Fernandina Beach City Commissioners voted 3 to 2 to change the “Future Land Use Map” and allow development of this Conservation Land.

The second reading and final vote is set for March 19th.

What you can do:

1. Speak up!
Write an email to each of the five commissioners and the City Manager:
John Miller:; Len Kreger:
Phillip Chapman:; Mike Lednovich:
Ronald “Chip” Ross:; Dale L. Martin:
Your message can be as simple as “I object to development of conservation land“ or your email can express your concerns, ideas, and emotions. Include your name and address.

2. Show up …at the Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, March 19 6:00 PM at City Hall. Your presence will count! Feel free to speak. You do not have to be familiar with all of the details of this issue to express your concern for our environment.

3. Discuss with your friends and neighbors
For more information, details and discussion, go to

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