High School Art Exhibit for 2014 Now Open

70 students displayed artwork from Fernandina Beach High School, Yulee High, Hilliard Middle-Senior High, and West Nassau High.

High School Art Exhibit for 2014 Now Open12th Annual Nassau County High School Art Exhibit at FSCJ Betty P Cook Nassau Center

Jacksonville, FL – The 12th Annual Nassau County High School Art Exhibit opened on March 11, 2014. The exhibit is on display at the Lewis Red Bean Building lobby of the FSCJ Betty P. Cook Nassau Center through Tuesday, March 18. The lobby is open March 14th 8:30am-4:30pm, and March 17th-18th 8:30am-4:30pm. This was the third year that the show has been held at the Nassau Center after the nine previous shows were hosted by the North Campus.

Instructors Kim Archer, from Yulee High School; April Eason from West Nassau High School; Erica Dodge, from Fernandina Beach High School; and Vickie Whigam, from Hilliard High School selected the works to be entered into the show.

Mary Dumbleton, a librarian at the FSCJ North Campus, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is an accomplished artist, judged the work.

Seventy students displayed artwork representing Fernandina Beach High School, Yulee High School, Hilliard Middle-Senior High School, and West Nassau High School. Twenty-seven students received Special Recognition for their respective class medium, some received more than one award (designated by their name with an asterisk for one award, two asterisks for two awards):

From Fernandina Beach High School:
Andrea Jones
Megan Combs *
Lacy Kanobroski
Gwenyth Stromdahl
Reanna Tipton *
Kenzi Porter
Emmilyn Potts
Brianna Campbell
Kyleigh Goodman
Bridie Sheckells *
Sydney Buchanan
Tiffany Hanson *
Micaela Preble *
Erika Pestana
Nichole Curry
Breanna Crews
Dylan Kotkoski
MacKenna Williams
Cole Carter
Mindy Sorensen
Riley Hall *
Sarah Stone *
Teddie Lesoine *
Drew Henson
Austin Mattes
Katie Cunningham
Katie Coleman
Adam Nazzaro
Alyssa Gleason
Bella Hutchinson
Jordan Lawing

From Hilliard Middle Senior High School:
Trevor Brock *
Emily Holmes *
Kayla Reliford *
Hattie Baldwin *
Jessalyn McMahel
Daunyale Williams
Taylor Layden
Levi Proffit
Bransom Arflin
Brianna Bishop
Alyana Shank
Scotty McKenzie
Kasandra Thompson **
Landon Howard

From Yulee High School:
Megan Lewis
Sarah Ramirez
Megan Tomlinson
Brandi Vafiadis
Tessa Bohn-Carmichael **
Christina Deon
Enesynce Henning *
Katlyn Jeffries
Philip Chery
Maya Williams

From West Nassau High School:
Kristen Boohoo
Lola Scott
Taylor Bell *
Ashton Jacques *
Destiny Declaimed
Mario Jankov
Mackenzie Padgett
Sienna Shop
Mckenzie Kimes
Samantha Page
Samantha Waters
Megan Hall
Allison Dybalski
Hanna Carpenter
Garrett Arnold-Brown
Halie Bell
Kelly Geiger
Brittney Blackman *
Courtney Smith *
Karissa Clark

The Betty P. Cook Nassau Center is located at 76346 William Burgess Boulevard in Yulee, Florida.

For directions, please call 548-4432.

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