Holidays and Chocolates; Inseparable Twins

I'm afraid any eggnog tradition in our family has come to a screeching halt after tasting Peterbrooke's Chocolate Martinis.

Win this Gift Basket At Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Win this Christmas Gift Basket At Peterbrooke Chocolatier

My wife and I were talking the other day about the upcoming Holiday Season and the need for us to get out and enjoy them more than we have in recent years. It seems that ever since we took over the Innkeeper role at the Amelia Oceanfront B&B 2 years ago, our outgoing social life has suffered a great deal, primarily because guest arrivals and check ins happen around the same time frame as parties and social events around the island. Deciding that we wanted to change that this season, I was happy to see the Peterbrooke Chocolatier season invitation to the Chocolate Martini Party  on November 15, the precursor for two additional Holiday Events on Friday and Saturday November 29 and 30th and Saturday December 7 (see programs below).

One reason for my happiness was to see Sandy and her staff, delightful ladies who know their way to a man’s heart (Chocolate obviously) and the other reason was knowing that I was going to see quite a few of our good friends and acquaintances at the shoppe. No disappointments here. The Chocolate Martinis were better than any White Russian I ever tasted and the rest of the sampling was so sinfully decadent that I had to force myself not to go for seconds.

Couldn’t stop myself however from purchasing a pound of their New Black and Tan Truffles and am teaching myself to savor one-a-day (right around the time that I’m writing this story).

If you’re looking for new ideas for Holiday Season desserts a trip to Peterbrooke Chocolatier is a “must”. I’m ready to break a long eggnog tradition for a new tradition called Chocolate Martinis.

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