Applying 365 layers in 24 hours?

Not being shy to follow the antics of producers in the food and beverage industries, home supplies, car care and about every other consumer good producer, cosmetics companies look for savings in production and packaging while keeping the retail shelf prices “acceptable”. In the over the counter cosmetics arena, the fight is over quality. But in general skincare, hair care, eyelash extensions, anti-aging, cosmetics, all these segments of the beauty industry do very well in a recession. But just as orange juice is now available in 59 oz cartons and bottles instead of the previous 64 fl.oz. and brandname dishwash detergent companies for years have been claiming concentration of product justifies the higher prices, cosmetics manufacturer’s have their own little quirks to make the consumer less aware of the fact that quality is king and one way or the other, you have to pay for that.
Now Make Up is a $40 Billion a year business in the US alone. Yes you read it right!
And globally, in 2010 the cosmetic industry experienced a record $170 Billion a year total revenue.

Lash Extensions and Cosmetics – Kissin’ Cousins

Because I have been in the Lash Extension business as a Certified Lash Stylist for the past five years I am often asked for advice and assistance with coordination of makeup for the rest of the face. Eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner and other cosmetics help a client reach that perfect ‘look’ they’re trying to achieve.

In an effort to ensure the quality of my advice on makeup is commensurate with my expertise in eyelash extensions, I have experimented, researched and networked nationally, and on occasion internationally, with other stylists in the Eyelash Extension Industry to see what consensus, if any, there was as to best quality of cosmetics, best method of application and to find out what was current and relevant for complementing the very popular and fashionable trend of eyelash extensions.

This quest led me on a journey that I believe permits me just enough expertise on this collateral topic to, hopefully, be of some assistance to you, the makeup consumer. Let me share what I learned.

Milling Around

The makeup Industry has a secret that they do not want us to know.
It is related to how the cosmetics manufacturers are able to make sure you have to keep coming back and spending your (or your parent’s) hard-earned dollars for more of the same makeup time and time again.

Did you know that if a cosmetics manufacturer uses a process that mills the eye shadow or blush or foundation powder once or even twice that it will leave a larger molecule of powder than one that is milled, say three times?
So what does that mean to you?

Well, have you ever experienced the frustration of putting on your favorite color eye shadow and noticed that you have to apply, apply and then apply again just to get some semblance of the color to show up on your skin?
Have you at times blamed the undertones of your skin for the seeming “invisibility” of color against your epidermis?
And what about the fact that before lunchtime, you look in the mirror in the restroom at work or school and noticed that those multiple layers of eye shadow have disappeared?

You will be happy (or not) to know that it is not your skin, it is not your application technique but it is your makeup…and that this phenomenon is by design!
Cosmetic companies who make over-the-counter cosmetics, whether eye shadow, foundation or blush have creatively found a way to keep us coming back for more.

When a powder is anything less than triple milled, also known as a MICRO pigmented, then it is simply an ‘over-the-counter’ consumable product. It is deliberately made to require multiple attempts at application in order to see the color. So you, the consumer, are consuming it more rapidly and will have to return to buy more in short order. It is also the under millage that causes the makeup to be of brief duration on your face.

That means, you may pay $6 at the discount department store for some shelf product but you must apply it 6 times to get the color. This is because it is not a micro pigment. When the molecule is larger, it is difficult for it to show up and it wears off quickly.

Well, are we shocked that the over-the-counter, super market, department store product is designed to be consumed quickly so you have to come back for more make up more often.  How cheeky!So, having been on the hunt for high quality pigments/powders that triple milled I found a wonderful thing.

Powdered makeup that is the color you want on the first application by design! That is triple milled to be the finest consistency, which means the color shows up on the first brush stroke, that the makeup really sticks and stays on your face yet blends beautifully and lasts all day.

Think of it like sand on your feet at the beach. The big grainy sand falls off quickly, while the powder sand sticks to your feet even when dry. Because the molecules are so small, micro-pigmented cosmetics will last much longer.They can also be used wet or dry, wet for a more concentrated color, with a brush and water.

So, if you live near me on Amelia Island or in Fernandina Beach, Florida then you have it made! After long search and compare I have found the most divine makeup I think I have ever placed on my face. With one brush stroke the color is obvious and beautiful. The colors are vibrant if you choose the complementary colors and subtly distinct, if you choose a natural palette.

For more information on the line of cosmetics we carry you can visit my salon at the Palmetto Walk Shopping Village.

Jeannie Higginbotham

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