How to Capture the Few Buyers That are Left

We fell into a discussion on what could we do as sales agents to boost sales. I found it amazing that most sales agents today are still relying on the way business was conducted two and three years ago.

Crisis, What Crisis?

Crisis, What Crisis?

I was having a quick office meeting with my real estate agents not long ago and during the course of the meeting the subject turned to how bad business was and complaints on just how few buyers there are. We fell into a discussion on what could we do as sales agents to boost sales. I found it amazing that most sales agents today are still relying on the way business was conducted two and three years ago.

The days of simply listing a home and waiting for a few days to write the first offer are gone. This is the real world we live in today. Things have changed. I went into my fifteen minute class mode on how to get those sales, regardless how few they are.

Housing is not a luxury item for most buyers. If you think about it, we are talking about the second basic necessity of life, right after food there is shelter. It doesn’t matter if you are buying, renting or living with someone. We all want some form of shelter. I asked one question of my agents, “How many of you have handed out business cards today and asked for business?” The response was a resounding “deer in the head light look” and the answer was none.

When sales are down and markets have moved into different territories, the sales agent must change how they are doing business. Back in the good ole days all you had to was ask three people about real estate and you would get at least one who wanted to buy or sell. Today, you may have to ask twenty or thirty to get one or two positive responses.

My suggestion to the agents was to not leave home without their business cards. It didn’t matter who they talked to in the course of the day, hand out a card. Ask for the business. Even if the person you are talking to has no intention of buying or selling, you simply add the following, “If you know someone who is thinking of selling or buying I would appreciate it if you would give them my card. I would love to work with them.”

Now folks this is not rocket science. This is nothing more then covering the basics, asking for business and expecting it. The pot and pan salesman of years gone past had to do the very same thing. He may have had to knock on twenty doors before he would get one sale. He didn’t give up, he didn’t stop. He simply knocked on more doors. We in real estate sales must do the very same thing.

Even though sales in real estate are down, that doesn’t mean they have stopped completely. There are still people looking and buying and many would welcome your services if you would just ask for it. Whatever it is you are selling, real estate, automobiles, boats, produce or farm animals, ask as many people as you possibly can for their business. At the end of the day you will have a better shot at something happening than you would have if you¬†were just waiting for the phone to start ringing.

Yes, times are tough in business. If you are going to stay in business then you must get tough right along with the times. Don’t become just another stat in the long list of failures. Turn into one who actually is making it through these tough times. It’s much more profitable to “set the standard” and have others follow you.

And while we’re at it, make sure that business card you hand out has a Web site mentioned on it, because that is today’s first course of action for any type of sale.

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  1. helenotoole

    How do you ever expect to get new business if you don't “ask for it”? When I was in sales, it took me several years of pain before I learned this one rule, market what you do to everyone you meet, regardless of who they are. My mother use to get mad when i would hand her my business card, (she had a purse full).

  2. Ndeonas

    It's back to the basics, if you are going to make it in sales today. Not rocket science, just basics.

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